i love you mom

it was for thousands time i’m arguing with my mom

i didn’t know why but every time we started to talking about something always end up with arguing…

i fell my mom never understand me

always control me

what i’m doing and with who i’m spending my time

hello mom i was 22 years old now

i know where’s good and bad for me

but why she never believe me

i tried my best to make her proud but seemed it never good enough for her

every time she blame me for something that i can’t understand

i do understand the main problem is the lack of communication

we spoke in different way and can’t understand each other

seems there’s a big hole between me and my mom

i love you mom

and don’t doubt it

i just didn’t know how i tell you that i love you

i just love you with my own way

i just want you to know it

i love you mom

and i miss you….



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