a note from my new climber buddy

i found a note on my tissues box

i didn’t realize if there’s a note inside

that note from my new climbers buddy…i remember i met him when i climbed mountain alone because i felt so desperate

that day when i climbing mountain was my ex-fiance wedding day and i felt so broken heart…

my new climber buddy wrote in that note :

Merbabu, January 1st 2010

hey my new friend…i’m very glad to meet you here in the beautiful place and it was a blessing to know you in my saddest day. first when i saw you crying alone in mountain i wondered what happened to you and i guessed you just losing something or someone and i was right… well, actually we were in the same situations…i lost my girlfriend because a car accident you know  i’ve planned to proposed her in new year eve in this place…this mountain is our favorite place and here was the first time i met her…

you asked me if there’s any medicine can heal your broken heart but i told you that you won’t grow up if there’s no pain in your life. i saw a sorrow in your eyes then i understand that you think your life was over..i wonder how many tears was falling from your eyes…(and how many tissues you spent for). well girl, i just wanna said KEEP MOVE ON with YOUR PAIN because you’ve learned something from it…then you’ll become stronger than before… God have a beautiful plan for us and we never know it…God loves you that’s why He did it to you…we’re like mannequin and God try to find a perfect “suit” for us if He thinks that’s not right for us He’ll take “it” with His way maybe you can’t understand it but i believe someday you will

stop crying girl and start to smile just show your beautiful smile because i know you can i know deep inside yourself there’s an “attractive” girl when you thinking about your ex-fiance don’t be sad i know it’s so hard for you but try to smile when you’re thinking about him thinking that he deserves to get his life even without you and you also thinking that if he’s happy there you suppose to be happy i believe so many people out there love you because i know you’re lovable…

love doesn’t mean you and your mein adler but love is when you feel that life is beautiful and you have to do something to enjoy it.. so…don’t be sad okay?i believe someday you’ll be fine and ready to fly again….

cheer up girl…

your new friend

when i read his note i’m speechless i didn’t know what i have to said and i didn’t know where is he now?

i’m so stupid didn’t ask his number phone or email…because i felt that we both were strangers who met in strange place and just wanted to heal our pain…

anyway….the only thing i can say is…THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for my new climber buddy…

yeah…we’re strangers and God have a plan for us…..


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