trying to start smile

today was a rainy day in Jogjakarta
heavy rain and i love that…

well, this post is not about that…this post is about how i feel the blessing that gave to and having great friends in my life
i don’t know how i through my hard life if there’s no them beside me…
they always support me and “slap” me if i make mistakes

there is the name of my best friends and how long i hook up with them (the list based on the time i meet them)

Kezia : i met her when i was in Junior high school during 1999 until now we still keep in touch..we both like rainy day and running in the pouring rain…i miss her so much because i haven’t meet her almost 5 years since i moved to another city…

Kiki : my best friend in Senior high school…i met her in my way back home and at the time i was a new student…then she became my classmate in last grade in high school…

Valent and Muji : they’re also my best friends in my last grade in high school. Muji was sitting next to me and she was smart and calm girl, Valend (i called her “luwing”) is comics maniac…he infect me with comics and japanesse rock music…and guess what…i like it…lol

Willa : i met her when i was in Diploma high school…i remember one day she told me that when she saw me she considered me as a mean girl type…and when i asked her something (i forgot what i was asking) she felt so surprised…since that day we became a best friend…and she was my supporter when i was being a student leader candidate…the only thing i always said to her is be brave and speak up what’s in her mind…

Belinda : the funniest person i ever met…i know her also in Diploma high school…she so beautiful and funny

Gani : she is the sophisticated and fashionable person….she work as a part time model…(uhmm i thought full time model and her study was a part time lol) i met her in Sanata Dharma University…i was took my bachelor degree…she helped me through my day and pushed me to stop crying…i didn’t know if there’s no her in my hard life what would be….thank you Gani…

Panjul, Puput, and Nita : they are my best friends too…we always hang out together with Gani….they helped me and support me and believe in me that i can do the best…i can forget all this pain

and the most thankful is for my family….they are the most lovable person…without them there’s no me…i will not exist in this world…i love them so much….


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