Happy Valentine days….

today….people celebrate Valentine days with their couple
chocolates, cards, flowers, romantic dinner…
and i just sitting in my room tried to finish my homework, paper and wrote on my blog

Valentine this year i’ve got nothing…
no chocolate, no flowers, no cards, and no dinner
i’m not complain and didn’t want to complained at all
because i realize this Valentine days not only about you and your couple but about the love that you can give to other people, to your friends, to your family and maybe to your pet….

i realize that my life is more than enough
i couldn’t say that i have perfect life…no i’m not
but since i broke up i found another love that i never knew before…
love from my family, my friends, and i found that i fall in love with literature…
i really love it….

oohh and today my sister’s bday….bunch of kisses for her…love you my sister….


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