just before march – letter for you madame….

dear madame
i didn’t know what you exactly thinking about me
but one thing you should know that I LOVE YOUR SON anyway
no matter how hard you try to separate us and  no matter how hard you try to intimidate me with your words..i keep in love with your son
let me be with him…just before march..give me a chance to enjoy our precious little  time just before march…
and after march…i will let him go…go back on you and follow what you  want

as you  said to me 2 years ago “love is not about you, yourself and him…but love is about your family and their feelings”
that was simple words but like a knife that cut through my heart

dear madame…
i’m begging you to let me be with your son until march…
and i will prove you that our love is forever…i know someday you will see that your son and me are mean to be…
please just before march…

we are not romeo and juliet who would die for their love
we are just human who love each other but can’t  fight for it…
i wish you know that God create us differently to make this world  colorful so why you always try to separate us with our differences
just before  march…and after that i will let your son follow what you want….

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