next project..

After “Senja” art exhibition, I have an idea to do some collaboration art project based on the idea of my thesis, the big theme is about ‘woman’ (I think this is a common theme), though this is personal project so no problem!

I would like to called this project as ‘future’ project.

the purpose of this ‘future’ project is to challenge me to finish my thesis by the end of this year before leave to India (I still have to negotiate this matter with my parents fiiuuhh).

so, what’s inside my mind about this ‘future’ project is….

1. make some drawing (or maybe picture) combined with canvas and acrylic (or oil), still looking out for the best material.

2. make some installation related to the theme that I choose

3. create a dance choreography

4. launch my new book (and album) about ‘Senja’ that I made almost a year ago collaborate with my friends. honestly this is not related with my ‘future’ project, but somehow I have to finish it as my promise to myself that I will give a ‘twilight’ to someone who became memories….our stories is just memories…

well…………wish me luck *cross finger*


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