Poems I Like the Most

My Creed
by Edgar Albert Guest
1881-1959, written in 1932

To live as gently as I can;
To be, no matter where, a man;
To take what comes of good or ill
And cling to faith and honor still;
To do my best, and let that stand
The record of my brain and hand;
And then, should failure come to me,
Still work and hope for victory.

To have no secret place wherein
I stoop unseen to shame or sin;
To be the same when I’m alone
As when my every deed is known;
To live undaunted, unafraid
Of any step that I have made;
To be without pretense or sham
Exactly what men think I am.

To leave some simple mark behind
To keep my having lived in mind;
If enmity to aught I show,
To be an honest, generous foe,
To play my little part, nor whine
That greater honors are not mine.
This, I believe, is all I need
For my philosophy and creed.

After You Leave, I Will Become a Tree
By Turlough O’Carolan.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor at Turlough O’Carolan

After you leave, I will become a tree
Alone on a hillside, loving wind and sun,
Waiting for you to return home to me
Though centuries of lonely stars may run.
I’ll grow tall and give lots of shade,
Sheltering birds and other bright-eyed things.
Pleased with all the progress that I’ve made,
I’ll spread my leafy branches out like wings.
But oh! Every moment of every day
I’ll miss you with the passion of the wind,
Gazing endlessly upon the way
That without you must empty, empty wind.

Paulo Coelho
Source: Warrior of the Light

Every Warrior of the Light has felt afraid of going into battle.
Every Warrior of the Light has, at some time in the past, lied or betrayed someone.
Every Warrior of the Light has trodden a path that was not his.
Every Warrior of the Light has suffered for the most trivial of reasons.
Every Warrior of the Light has, at least once, believed he was not a Warrior of the Light.
Every Warrior of the Light has failed in his spiritual duties.
Every Warrior of the Light has said ‘yes’ when he wanted to say ‘no.’
Every Warrior of the Light has hurt someone he loved.
That is why he is a Warrior of the Light, because he has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than he is.

Slowly Drifting Away
by Benjamin Raymond , from US

A leaf on a tree
That has fallen off,
Is stolen by the wind
And slowly starts to drift away.

From time to time
A leaf in the air is seen
By the tree and the tree
Hopes for the leaf that had once drifted away.

The leaf did not ask to leave,
But the wind did not care.
The wind did not seem to understand
What the leaf meant to the tree.

The leaf is lonely at times.
It lives with the wind,
But the wind does not speak
It only howls.

The wind carries the leaf
And the leaf slowly drifts away,
Sometimes going to far off places
And seeing new sorts of faces.

Sometimes the wind,
Drops the leaf,
Like a man dropping a piece of paper
As if he no longer cared.

The leaf waits for the wind,
Like it waits for the tree.
It can take days or even weeks
But the wind always returns.

The leaf had a dream
That it saw the tree it once belonged to,

But the leaf cannot stay,
It slowly…slowly drifts away



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